Mark Denny

I'm a science writer, and my books explain how things work.

. (5) Super Structures: The science of bridges, buildings, dams, and other feats of engineering

From medieval churches to modern skyscrapers, I have always been interested in how big--and I mean really BIG--structures work. Well, the best way to learn about a subject is to write a book about it! The tallest buildings, the largest dams, the longest bridges: how they are built, why they are stable--and even how they are brought down by controlled demolition.

Big engineering structures can be beautiful as well as awesome. The interaction between the art and the science of these structures is fascinating--I hope you will agree.


"[This book] will appeal to the interested layperson who is curious about how structures work.... It would also be useful background reading for students of architecture and building (and even of engineering, if you don't tell your professor)." Architectural Science Review, December 2010.

"Denny's new book is perfused with this sense of excitement, which adds greatly to the enjoyment of reading it. On this account alone, as well as the clarity with which it is written, it is to be recommended."--Physics World, January 2011.

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An ornate Moroccan arch.


I acquired twice as many photos for this book as I needed--architectural structures are so photogenic. Here are a few that didn't make it into my book: