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I'm a science writer, and my books explain how things work.

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Mark Denny



I was raised in Yorkshire, England, and in Scotland and Canada. I developed an interest in physics and technology when in High School, and so went on to a B.Sc. in physics at the University of New Brunswick (Canada) and a Ph.D. in theoretical physics at Edinburgh University (Scotland). Following research at Oxford University I slid into a career in the aerospace industry before emigrating to Canada with my wife, Jane. We live on Vancouver Island with our dog and two cats. Now I write books, watch birds and brew beer.  

Well, I thought that the last paragraph was quite enough information about me, but friends say that you want to know more. OK. My interest in technology, as opposed to pure science, is what led me to write. If I have anything at all to say, it is that the application of science is a fascinating human story. Yet scientists in the past have done a spectacularly bad job at explaining to the taxpaying public (who, by and large, pay their salaries) what they do. This is bad. In the last decade or two, we have become a little better--there are some good science authors out there, but not enough. So, it seems to me, I owe you an accessible and readable explanation of what I know. Hence my books. If you have any constructive criticism about them, or comments, or relevant experience that you feel I cannot do without, then please email me ( If you have any ideas about scientific subjects that are not well represented in the literature, I would love to hear about those, as well.

 These two pictures were taken about 45 years apart. I'm the guy holding the cricket bat, in case you were wondering.